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Lemuel the Fool


"Uhlberg presents a properly poker-faced retelling of a popular European folktale.... The tale's mild humor is picked up in Lamut's airy paintings.... This rib-tickler should induce many a young armchair traveler to pay a visit to Chelm or Gotham."

Kirkus Reviews

"Uhlberg polishes a gem from the treasure trove of Jewish folklore with this snappy adaptation of a Chelm tale.... Uhlberg's drily understated humor maximizes the comedy as well as readers' affection for the hapless hero and his doltish scheme. Lamut makes a great leap forward with these graceful illustrations.... Fresh and diverting."
Publishers Weekly

"The fun is in the straight-faced comedy and lively pictures that contrast the warm, settled community with the innocent who thinks he's sailed away."

"This quietly humorous ending will draw smiles from listeners. The framed, softly painted illustrations give the book an albumlike quality that heightens the sense of old-world fantasy... Story and pictures combine to form a fine choice....."
School Library Journal

"The tale is told well, and the illustrations are drawn with energy and conviction."
The Horn Book Guide


* 2001 Notable Book for Younger Readers, Association of Jewish Libraries